Mobilized SEO Friendly Web Design

The same elements that go into regular web design, goes double for mobilized SEO. Mobilized SEO plays off of user-friendly design and it kicks back to how users are searching for your website. Mobile users are searching for website in a shortened format, so your SEO must be compatible with the terms they’re using. The elements that we refer to here are keywords, search presence and traffic and conversion. The same factors that affect the rank and positioning of your regular website also come into focus here.

Mobile websites should be SEO friendly and use the equivalent of shorten URLs and search terms to help searchers find your website. The mobile search audience is looking for the same thing as regular searchers, but they’re looking for it at breakneck speed. Speed not as in Internet connection time, but the speed that your website appears in the results.

SEO is the marketing standard used for both regular websites and mobile versions. The power of mobile is that on a smaller screen ads also being displayed intermittently on the same screen as content and search results, users may become distracted. To eliminate this distraction, links and backlinks should never be used with mobile SEO. Responsive website design means that your mobile SEO will fall into the wasteland if you don’t use create a mobile URL. Because without it, your regular website and the mobile version will be competing for the same spot in the search results. This is one time competition isn’t friendly, because the result will be a lower ranking for your website.

The recommendation for SEO friendly websites is to create them with mobile optimization. Then you won’t have to worry about filtering traffic from redirects and subdomains. Confused yet? Well, you shouldn’t be. Just simplify everything by sticking to SEO friendly web design for the mobile version. Use a mobile URL, so that the two sites won’t compete with each other for the top spots in the search engine results.

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