Working With A Great Web Design Firm

Just like it is important to find a good SEO and SEM company, it is also important if you’re talking about website design. But how do you find the best web design company in Singapore?

Of course, there are many different ways and this article explores 3 best ways to find the web design company in Singapore you deserve and should outsource or work together with to build your company’s website design.

– No brainer but simply check out the web design company’s website first. It has to look amazing or how can they create decent web designs for you? It would be hard to believe, no?

– Do you feel like contacting the Singapore web design company after looking at their website? If yes, then shortlist, if not, then do not work with them. A good web design company in Singapore will need to build you a website which converts visitors into customers or at least sales leads. If their own website cannot convert their visitors, how is it possible they are capable of helping you out with conversion optimization on your web design?

– Ask them for portfolio of websites which they have helped to design. This shows you quickly the style of designing they usually follow. Every agency and company usually has a certain design style and flair unique to them, so check them out and see if it suits you; if so then go with them.

– Do they know the importance of making your site load fast by not jamming it with images or making it overly graphics heavy wherever reasonable. Also, it is crucial that they make your website responsive and mobile-friendly or you would get penalized from an SEO standpoint.

– Does the Singapore web design company only listen to their clients or do they listen and also offer their unique advice and suggestions? The reason you’re working with one is because they have technical web development experience + real knowledge and advice to give you. That is why you engaged them instead of hiring an in-house designer. So make sure they have insightful things to share with you to help create a website design which converts.

One good web design company in Singapore is Shark Web. You can check them out.

SEM Versus SEO Services Explained!!!

What exactly is the different between SEO and SEM services and how should you go about finding a good firm that does what they actually promise and which one should you go for?

First of all, in the context of Google search engine, an advertising company is usually a Google partner and specialize in helping and managing company’s ad spend on Adwords (search engine marketing – SEM) while the company takes a cut of your spending as their profits. So basically, you invest money with the advertising company in Singapore and they will take your money and invest part of it into Adwords on your behalf and you appear at the top of Google.

The part at the top and right side of Google search results is where the advertisements on Google are situated at.

On the other hand, if you were to opt to work with a SEO company in Singapore instead, your results would appear at the other parts of the Google search results.

Basically the main difference with a SEO company in Singapore is that they will optimize both your website as well as off site factors such as social media presence and linkage to your website.

How are their benefits and disadvantage?

SEM or Adwords is fast and you get ranked nearly instantly. One of the main disadvantage is that it will almost always cost higher – simply because each click on your website will cost a lot of money and if a lot of people accidentally click on your website (unfortunately), then you would be throwing a lot of money away.

SEO is good for capturing the majority of the leads because 94% of people click on SEO organic results according to a survey result over 28.4 million UK citizens by Nielsen and Group M UK. However, it takes time (about a few months at least) for you to rank highly on Google.

In a nutshell, I would recommend business owners in Singapore to first engage an Adwords company initially to get ranked quickly, then work with a SEO company in Singapore over the long term and change from Adwords to SEO over the long term to significantly lower the costs as well as increase ROI.

Find The Best SEO Company In Singapore

Are you looking high and low in a quest for the best SEO provider in Singapore for your business’s website and growth?

Let me give you a hint as to how to identify a great SEO company in Singapore for your company’s website’s ranking on Google search engine if you are looking to outsource it to a company versus hiring an in house employee.

Simply take the following example:

If you want to get your site ranked on Google, then just look for keywords and phrases such as ‘SEO company Singapore’ if you are trying to find a digital marketing person who can help you get ranked high enough so that you get sufficient traffic and hot qualified prospects into your website and thus your sales funnel to grow your top and bottom line for your business and company. This is one of the simplest ways to do so and a great, effective way as well

However, if you still cannot make a decision, no worries. Here are some more powerful and effective tips in looking for SEO companies in Singapore who are worth their salt.

– Check if they have a good social media presence. 2 reasons for this: if they do not have a social media presence, that tells something about their company that they’re somewhat dodgy right? Hence you should ensure they have good reviews and a active social media accounts. Secondly, social is getting super important to rank well in Google’s SEO algorithm. Hence, if they know how to properly utilize social media to increase their SERP rankings, then they would be able to easily help you out with that too!

– Check if they have any kind of reviews or are constantly mentioned in the media, PR or forums. If so, find out if the news are good or bad then determine if the SEO company in Singapore is competent or not.

Hiring Top SEO Consultants In Singapore

Here are some tips on how to find and identify competent SEO experts in Singapore.

First of all, you could try simply looking for SEO consultants in Singapore on Google or other search engines that you want to get ranked on to get customers (though from an insider’s point of view, Google is by far the best search engine of choice because it has an overwhelming lion’s share of the search engine market. This means that simply by getting yourself ranked there you get tremendous results.

Secondly, you could look for your competitors’ sites on Google and see if they have any indication of saying that their SEO work was done by any particular SEO consultant in Singapore. Sometimes these SEO experts will actually have their credits at the footer of their clients’ websites. If your top ranked competitors all got their search engine optimization done by a particular consultant in Singapore you definitely want to hire him or her or someone better than that.

Finally, you could ask your friends for referrals. If your friend has gotten SEO from a particular SIngapore consultant, and he or she has achieved great results with his or her website, then getting SEO services from that consultant may be a very good idea to help you push up your website’s ranking quickly on Google search engine as well.

It is good if you know friends who have gotten their website ranked high by a particular SEO company or consultant, and then ask for referrals. However you want to take note that great Singapore SEO consultants usually charge prices commensurate with the quality they provide you – which means if you want results, don’t be stingy, invest more and grow your business even quicker. Remember, the reason your business is small is because of your fear of growing and investing to make it bigger. If you don’t hire a quality SEO consultant and never get results, you’ll always remain small. If you want your business to be hugely profitable and great, then make sure to get a good marketing consultant in Singapore to help you out with your website ranking.

Working With The Best Website Design Companies

As a highly experienced web designing and digital / Internet marketing veteran in the city of Singapore, here are some highly recommended Singapore web design companies and why they are capable of helping you achieve the best results you want if you wish to improve the perception of your company online.

As mentioned in my earlier post, you really need to get a great Singapore web design company or freelance designer to help you out with your website. This is important because your website design will give off the branding for your business as well as get sales by converting the website visitors and traffic you get into paying customers. As long as you want to continue growing your Singapore business, then you definitely need to bring on board only quality Singapore web design companies to build your company a great online ‘salesperson’ (also known as your website). Additionally, the best part about your website is that it does not have to sleep and you also do not need to pay CFP or any relevant work force stuff needed in Singapore or anywhere around the world – saving you money with this investment in a good web design.

First of all, Shark Web Pte Ltd. It is a company that deals with online marketing and web design in Singapore as a way to acquire more customers for any business. With a heavy emphasis on the marketing side of an online presence, Shark Web concentrates on building a website design which is mobile friendly (hence SEO friendly) and converts people or visitors into hotly qualified leads which can then be easily turned into paying customers.

Secondly, Verz Design. They have very nice website design themselves, and it is likely that they have excellent designers in their team too. If you want your website to look fancy and impress your visitors or potential customers on first glance – then without a hint of a doubt, Verz would be one of your best choices.

The above are both very good at what they specialize in – Shark Web is marketing. Verz Design is designing. I would recommend you to take a look at both of them before making any prudent decision for your business or the company you work at. That’s the main companies in Singapore I would recommend you to check out. Cheers!

Five Simple SEO Steps

If you are not sure about whether the search engine optimization tip you are utilizing is of help for your business’s website and whether it is doing more harm or help for you, then you definitely need to watch the above YouTube video.

Enjoy the above video by Pat Flynn explaining to you how to perform SEO on your website, or you could simply get SharkWeb to perform SEO services for your business website.

He’s one of the biggest authorities on SEO and listen to him explain how it can work for you.

It is important for you to be at the top of Google for your relevant search terms so that you customers can easily search for you and engage your services or purchase your products. If you want to grow your local Singapore business and scale quickly to the international level, then SEO is a must have – not a good to have. It is compulsory.

This is because SEO will help you get a lot of customers who are already interested in listening to what you have to say because they are already actively searching for businesses offering products and services like yours when they stumble on your website as a result of seeing your website’s organic result.

Anyway, here are some tips on local Singapore SEO:

– Always make sure to do your citations. This is basically the spreading, marketing and listing of your business’s information (without linking to your website) on various local Singapore business directories. What this does is to give a lot of signals to Google search engine and will help to boost your SEO ranking tremendously if you do it well.

– Next, you want to engage your audience on relevant and Singapore local forums. This is because, Google likes it when a business’s website is being legitimately discussed on relevant and geo-specific forums, because this means that the business is popular and relevant. This pushes your website up in terms of search engine ranking.

– Make sure to build an online social media following for your SEO as well. Yes, you heard me right. This is because Google search engine takes social media signals into account when ranking your website on their massive search engine for your relevant search terms. So make sure to do this well, build your following or fan base in Singapore for your business as well as engaging them through quality content and offerings on a constant basis.

SEO is not impossible in Singapore. You just need to outwit your competitors as well as offer services and products of higher quality and not be afraid to tell everyone and everybody in Singapore about your business and offerings.

Developing Your Website In Singapore

Website design and development is actually claimable under the PIC grant by the Singaporean government. This means that you are able to qualify for a 60% subsidy if you meet the criteria set out by the PIC grant.

If you have a company with 3 CPF paying employees or more, then you might be eligible because website design is allowed. At least for the next few years, why would you want to outsource your designs to India if you can get higher quality ones in Singapore at a relatively reasonable cost as well?

Shark Web, a website design company in Singapore offers great website design services at reasonable cost. You can check out their website for more information!

There are many advantages to hiring a Singapore web design company and the following are but some of them:

– They usually code from scratch and write you a unique website code with great design instead of taking a template from a random place and putting your information on it (trust me, I have seen people who have went to cheap web designers and gotten such ugly looking website designs – no one buys from them because the design look so cheesy and common)

– You can easily reach out to a Singapore website design company via either a phone call or email. OR you could even take a trip down to their local Singapore office. Hence you have at least 3 ways to reach them ASAP in case of a website design emergency versus only e.g. a Skype call when you engage an overseas consultant.

– Their quality is generally higher because for an overseas website design company, they do not care – they get paid and customer service is of little consequence because they have a ton of customers. However, for Singapore companies, web design consultants work hard in providing the best experience and designs for the businesses they work with to produce the website design. This is because the market in Singapore is relatively small and hence these website design companies in Singapore need to work hard to cause good word of mouth marketing to spread for them.

SEO Marketing In Singapore

Is Singapore’s SEO and digital marketing scene very tough to enter? In this blog post I try to address that question which is constantly asked by business owners in Singapore.

Well, first of all, because it is  a city state, virtually the entire country is developed and thus there are many companies in Singapore. This makes search engine optimization in Singapore not as easy as certain more rural places even in bigger countries such as America. This is because there are a ton of businesses (some do not have a physical presence but legal entity is in Singapore due to its attractive business environment).

If you have tried search engine optimization for your website in Singapore before, you might have experienced difficulties getting to the top of the search engine results page, and this may be especially true for hot niches in Singapore such as tuition and real estate.

Therefore, if you have a company and a corporate website, you may need to consider hiring a Singapore SEO agency or search engine optimization consultant who actually understands the local business environment as well as technical expertise so that they can get you the best SEO results so as to generate you more business profits.

I have met with many business owners (both foreigners and Singaporeans) who have struggled with search engine optimization in Singapore and engaged the help of sub-par consultants. That caused them to get penalized in Google in the long run instead. Hence, always make sure only to hire the very top SEO companies in SIngapore to help you with something so important as your web presence. A great digital marketing firm in Singapore can change your business trajectory very quickly and in a very positive way. It is thus important to invest in good SEO services to generate a high and positive ROI!